A facilitator for perfect health

Just over a year ago I weighed 72kg, 156cm tall and small built and 39 years of age. I was so caught up in the day to day rat race slowly but surely you just forget to look after yourself and ….You let go.

A family friend asked to come to a special meeting and after really listening I decided, I truly needed to do something…… so I pulled myself towards myself and did my first 12 week weight loss challenge. Within 4 weeks I dropped 2 kg’s, lowered my body fat with 4% upped my hydration with 3%. My metabolic age (the way your body converts nutrients into energy) came down from being one of a 40 year old to a 34 year old. I WAS SOLD!!!

I was so inspired that I did my 2nd 12 week challenge! In total I lost 10 kg and 36 cm all round. Moved down from a 12 dress size and believe it or not fit into a size 6 Jean today. Not to mention I have a metabolic age of a 12 year old!!!!

Feeling so healthy and energetic I decided to join a gym, for my energy levels really improved by 200% and that is no lie!

Since the beginning of 2013 I have taken part in 3 body beauty competitions and will never look back. I am proud of my accomplishments and strive to help as many new prospects to experience the healthy active lifestyle that was introduced to just over a year ago. 

I have had my shake today, Have YOU?