Tips to get you started:

While we still believe you should eat the regular foods you love, we have a few tips to guide you.  Most people have gained weight slowly over the years as a result of portion distortion.  A few minor tweaks and you will be on your way.  If you wish to WIN the challenge try stick to as many of these as you can.

  • Breakfast is ALWAYS a shake
  • You shake 2 meals and eat 1 meal – Break fast a must and one other meal
  • Snacking is non negotionable. Try to snack throughout the day to keep your blood sugar level steady.  Snacking helps control your hunger and accelerate your weight loss.
  • You may not go hungry.
  • Cut out all sugars
  • Cut out all Starches eg. Bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, pap
  • Only eat green apples (It should be the sour Granny Smith apple)(Low in Sugar)
  • Eat a green apple after each shake.(In the shake OR after)
  • Drink 1litre of water for every 25kg you weigh PER DAY.  When you are hungry have 2 glasses of water, it is probably thirst.
  • Fruit Juice is high in sugar. If adding to your shakes please use only 50-80 ml’s.
  • Start with any form of excercise and  push yourself further each week.  Exercise is not negotiable! At least 30min fast walk every day
  • Remove the chicken skin, it is almost 100% fat!
  • Spices are acceptable – Ina Parman’s Spice is a good choice (no MSG’s)
  • Have olive oil and balsamic or lemon juice instead of creamy dressings, on salads
  • Watch the sauces and dressings. NO white sauces allowed!
Protein - The Protein Powder is ideal for a balanced, healthy diet. It helped us to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.
Please print our snack list and keep it on your fridge and a copy at work.  Get organised and keep a variety of snacks so you can change them from time to time.  Please stay off provita’s, cracker breads and rice cakes.  Your snack should include a protein and a fruit together!  Never just have a fruit.  Your sugar levels will dip. Protein to Carb ratio is very important
Make sure you drink enough water.  Water speeds up weight loss, flushes toxins and supresses hunger.  Failure to drink enough water results in your body recycling your colon water.  (Yuk!)

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