Katinka won a GOLD medal for best tone body at NABBA JOZI 2014 

I would just like to take this opportunity to Thank You for introducing my sister (Maryam) and I to herbalife. I must admit that in the beginning we were a bit skeptical about the product. We have tried various diets and there wasn’t anything that really worked for us. After asking you all the questions and raising our concerns we embarked on our Herbalife journey on the 1 February 2014. You advised us about the startup kit, gave us recipes and even suggested a plan for us daily in terms of using the products. We started the journey. I weighed in at 123.6kg (29 years old) and Maryam weighed in at 93.2kg (39 years old). Maryam was very eager to take this journey as she is reaching 40 and many people say that once you hit 40 you can forget about losing the weight, well they were wrong. The reason I decided to take this journey was purely based on the fact that I’m high risk for a heart attack, have a history of diabetes in the family as well as hypertension.

We both looked at the benefits of not just losing the weight but maintaining this kind of lifestyle. You and herbalife have given us the opportunity to actually improve our lifestyle without disrupting what we are used to. We have cut out many things in terms of what we eat. We have limited our salt and sugar intake. We cook with olive oil when needed, we have cut out bread, pasta and rice as well as butter. If we do decide to eat out, we use our lipobond but also look for the healthier choice whilst others can enjoy their junk food.

 To date I have lost 7.6kg and 29cm overall

The results have been amazing and your guidance and support has been great. I cannot thank you enough for introducing us to herbalife, this is not just a diet but we have adopted this as a way of life now by eating healthier, being aware of what we eat, having structured meal times and when we have cheat days we feel very guilty.

I must admit that we feel more energetic and full of life, I can actually see my toes in the shower. For someone who had 1 glass of water a month, I am religiously drinking my 3ltrs of water every day, but I think the aloe makes it easier for me. Maryam and I would like to thank you for all the encouragement, persuasion and support you provided for us on this journey. I think the support has been more for me since we work together and I have you on site every day, where you checking up on how much water I drank already, reminding me about taking my shake, checking that I’m not eating junk food.

I even find myself telling others about this amazing life style change because that is what herbalife has become to our family. It’s not just an eating plan or diet but it is life style we are instilling in our home as well. Continue what you are doing and there will be many more people seeing the benefits of the herbalife journey.

Kind regards,


If I can diet everybody can...

I was bullied with names like “pig” and “fatty” and I started my first drastic diet when I was 17 years old. I was within my weight range, 1,76m and 68kg but still wanted to loose the ‘fatty’ stigma and dropped my weight down to 55kg, but I was hardly eating anything anymore.
17 years later these bad dieting habits had taken their toll I was weighing in at 105kg (a whopping size 48-50). In this same period I lost my job. My partner, the father of our newly born daughter left saying that I wasn’t the person that he wanted to be with and financially I did not know if I could continue to stay in my house.
I realized that I could not change the people around me but I could change my life. That is when I started with Herbalife . I realised that I have always been an emotional-eater but by using the Herbalife weight management I found I got instant results which in turn gave me the motivation to continue. I felt I had taken charge of my life and I started to feel a mental strength that I had not had in a long time.
After 6 months on the Herbalife I lost a total of 30kg (size 40) and more than 130 cm of fat.
I didn’t need plastic surgery for a stomach correction, and more important, I’m on the same weight for the last 14 years.
I’m a different person, I have more confidence, self-love and a new energised positive outlook on life. The best thing is that Herbalife is a weight management plan that you can use for life.

My name is Mirjam Tijsen (1964).

My weight loss of 75 kg!

Hi, my name is Helga, I’m 30 years old and live in Elburg in the Netherlands. Since I was 15 years old I have struggled with my weight and my attempts at weight loss. I saw a dietician for about 5 years and spent at least 10 hours a week in the gym. But I never achieved the weight loss goals that I had set! I was told that the weight problem that I was suffering from was in my family and had to accept the fact I would always be struggling with being overweight.

The problem grew worse when I got sick and found out I was suffering from burnout and very high blood pressure. It was to much of an effort to even dress myself and I ended up spending most of my days in bed which of course didn’t do my health or my weight any good.

I ordered my first Herbalife weight loss products via the internet but did not know exactly what to do with them, so I contacted the distributor that had sold it to me. I did what was written on the label and was in shock that after 2 weeks I had gained 15kg, but strangely I had lost in centimeters. People that saw me started to tell me how good I looked and that I had lost some weight……..

I was even cleaning windows in the evening because I had also gained so much energy. My distributor also advised me to eat 5 shakes and a normal meal a day and I thought they were mad, but decided to try it for a week……….I had a massive weight loss of 7kg.

My weight loss 3.5 years later, I lost 75 kg and 387cm of fat and I feel great! I feel so proud that I have managed to reform my life with this massive weight loss and I love the Herbalife weight loss products, not only for their taste, variation and nutritional value but Herbalife,is my way of life.

My name is Anne and I have ms stage 2. 

One of the biggest hurdles of this disease is fatigue. 
You get so tired that it is impossible to do anything. 
Katinka suggested that I use the energy protein shake 
and the Herbal Aloe concentrate drink. 

She also showed me a number of exercises that I could do 
sitting IN a chair, to help re build my muscles and strenghten them.  
Yes it works.

This is the third month I have followed Katinka's advice. 

The shake REALLY gives me more energy and the Aloe vera drink,
which I take with water helped sort my stomach.
I did NOT want to lose more muscle
and she explained to me that I would lose fat and build muscle.
What a delicious way to do it! 

My other half makes me a smoothie with the protein powder, yoghurt
fruit and milk and I eat what I want during the day, according to my
crazy blood type.

I am on my way to become as perfect as I can be, having ms.

Herbalife got rid of my Acne!

I can’t be more enthusiastic about the Herbalife products, Herbalife got rid of my acne. I use the Herbalife skin care products, the ‘Mystic mask and “Skin Activator to nurture my face and skin with amazing results. Since my puberty I had a skin problem and even tried antibiotics to prevent scaring.

My dermatologist described Roaccutane which you were not allowed to use in combination with alcohol because the combination can be damaging for your liver. I was also advised to stay out of the sun or use 100% sun protection.Because I ‘m a professional golfer it didn’t work for me.

I started with the Herbalife’s skin care products and already after a few days the spots cleared up a little, my skin felt less sensitive and I had less scabs. The nutrition made all the difference, I used the Formula 1 with soya-milk to replace my breakfast ( I didn’t have to loose any weight) and ate the protein bars as a snack in between. I also added Formula 2, Cell-activator, Herbalifeline and RosOx to my daily intake.

I felt great and had replaced my daily milk- and starch products, that were the biggest cause of allergic reactions off my skin, for a balanced and nutritious meal.

Will Dugdale